“The body is our medium for having a world” - Merleau-Ponty. 

Chris has been practising and teaching yoga for over a decade. He is recognised as a Yoga Elder (IYN), Senior teacher and Trainer (YA). He is based in the Newcastle area where, alongside his wife Deborah, he runs YogaTherapies. They have a trio of studios, including a Vinyasa & Yoga Therapeutics training school, and host a number of international retreats. 

Chris is dedicated to teaching a truly health-focused, healing and undulating vinyasa practice. Sessions are built around a deep understanding of spinal and fascial mechanics, and are a fusion of Tibetan, Saiva and Shamanic meditation practices and philosophy. He is passionate about communicating a true understanding of the workings of yoga practice so that individuals are empowered to expand their yoga to the central tenant of their lives. 

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